Friday, December 11, 2009

Beaver Scent Mound Visitors

Beaver scent mounds appear to be popular destinations, and not just for
beaver! Dan's camera trap recorded beaver, raccoon, mice, deer, and
birds visiting a scent mound in the Delaney wetlands.

I expected to get multiple photos of beaver at the scent mound, figuring
they'd be inspecting their dam works and territorial outposts on a
nightly basis. Only one beaver visited this mound (on the night that
the camera trap was placed), and in the few days I had a camera on a
beaver dam, no photos were taken.


  1. Maybe there would be more beaver activity (scenting) at the mounds in spring, when the 2-yr olds are dispersing in search of living space, and territorial disputes are on the rise.

    I wonder if these Delaney beavers could be stimulated to refresh this mound in winter by taking scent mound material from a different site, and putting it on this Delaney mound. Would the residents try to out-stink the "invader"?

  2. I stopped by this beaver scent mound a few days ago, and was astonished to find a 20 ft limb from the top of a white pine had collapsed under the snow load and landed right on top of the scent mound. I guess now it's a new, improved beaver mound, with a fresh, clean pine scent. (I also detected odors of lemon and lavender, so maybe the beavers were expecting company)