Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bird Eater at the Bird Feeder

This Cooper's hawk must have gotten bored waiting for my neighbor to open up her chicken coop this morning.  It perched on the same limb as one of my bird feeders, patiently hoping for a feathered breakfast to present itself.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bolton Barred Owl

Here are some shots of a barred owl that was hanging around our yard one
evening about a week ago. It was waiting for a chipmunk hiding in our
wood pile to run back to its home in a stone wall. The chipmunk made a
couple of attempts while we were watching, but the swooping owl sent it
back into the wood pile for cover. Don't know the outcome -- it grew
too cold and dark for us to continue watching.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bobcat and barred owl

These pics were taken by my wildlife camera in a rocky, cliffy area
central Mass., in early October. There was one other picture of the
bobcat on a different day, and no other pictures of the owl. Lots of
porcupine, gray squirrel, and a few raccoon photos.

Bear claw marks on beech (Maine)

On a Thanksgiving weekend hike in central Maine, we were treated to a
stand of diseased beech trees with old claw marks of black bear. We
discovered them after realzing we had taken a wrong turn onto an old
logging road. As we bush whacked our way back to the trail, we found at
least 6 such trees, all within the same few acres. Shown are two of them.