Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fisher digging out a mouse

Dan writes:

Earlier this week I posted photos of a fisher scratching away at a pine
log, returning every few nights to the same spot. Here's what he was up to:

The first photo shows a mouse, at 6:33PM on December 28th. Seven
minutes later, the fisher appears with his nose right at the spot where
the mouse was. The third shot shows him on his back, clawing away at
the wood.

The mouse survived, and shows up again the next morning. The fisher
gives it another go in the final minutes of 2009, on New Years Eve.


  1. Nice photo sequence and story, and a good lesson on reading sign.

  2. Love the last two photos, in particular.

    Deermice and white footed mice, whichever this is, nest in groups in winter. I've had them use my bird nesting boxes many a time. So it's likely that there is/was more than one mouse in that nest, and maybe the fisher had already snatched one entering or leaving this nest. It will be a nice meal for him if he can access the entire nest.

    Imagine being one of those mice in the nest, listening to the fisher's scratching...

  3. Those were great photos. And that was a fascinating tale - with perhaps a happier ending for the fisher than the mouse. But even Disney kills off pivotal characters. (Never mice, though; I think that has something to do with Mickey's contract.)

  4. Fantastic series Dan; Your cam pics are the best!