Friday, January 15, 2010

Eagles in Eastern Central NH, Western Maine Line

These pictures were taken on Monday by a neighbor of friends Michael stayed with. The neighbor had previously seen the bobcat that Michael had tracked there Sunday. Also lots of otter slides and sign. Michael had seen two of the eagles fly over the pond on Sunday. It was a marvelous sight. It would have been fantastic to have observed the following activity!

Michael didn't write the captions, but liked them!

Three adult Bald Eagles and four juveniles focus on one frozen fish. The juvenile (3rd from left) rightfully had possession of a dead, abandoned, partially eaten, and frozen pickerel.

One adult started pacing...too difficult to watch that juvenile chow down without sharing.

Perhaps this adult thought the juvenile was was time to share.

Everyeagle for flies the adult with the pickerel. Nice lesson.

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