Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: The Year of the Coyote

Dan writes:

I woke up on New Years Day to the sight of a coyote trotting across our
backyard pond. Grabbing my camera, I trailed the coyote through the
woods to Harvard Rd in Stow, and then lost the tracks where it crossed
the road. I figured my only chance at a photo was if the animal went
out onto the ice, so I headed out onto the peninsula where I had a clear
view. I expected the coyote to be heading north, but was surprised when
I caught sight of it on the south side of the pond, just to the right of
the last dog beach. (If you parked at the main entrance, walked out to
the dam, and then hugged the shoreline right until it entered the woods,
the coyote was 100 yards to the right, at the hunting blind there)

I got a few photos as the coyote trotted to the edge of the ice and
disappeared up the hillside into the woods. Distance is about 700
yards, or 0.4 mile. (I wish I'd had the camera in hand when the coyote
was 100 ft away in my yard...)

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