Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crow about it

Lars was on the northern end of Delaney Complex in Bolton/Stow on 1/10/10. These tracks were found across the snow-covered ice. In the first photo, each print is 3 inches long, and the length of the stride was 12 inches. This bird wandered for quite a distance, as can be seen in the second photo. The last photo shows the strike of the wingtips on the snow. I think crow, but appreciate input. My second guess would be Archaeopteryx. Are we still considered late Jurassic?

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  1. Lars, you silly, you're a whole extinction crisis behind. We're now in the Plasticscene epoch of the Squanderevery period, characterized by extraordinary geological change culminating in a landscape of large discount department stores dotting pavement over much of North America. Species diversity is sharply declining but experts predict that at least three or four of them will persist into the next century, escaping the long dark sleep of archaeopteryx.

    I agree with crow. Lovely tracks.