Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peromyscus Maniculatus

This deer mouse was scared out of its hiding place yesterday morning by a nosy terrier.  I'm posting its picture so we can all have a close-up and personal look at what ate those cherry pits in CyberTracker Quiz Question #2.


  1. Can you share how you identified this mouse? I know the Peromyscus are hard to tell apart!

    1. Very good question, Alyssa, and I'd like to say that I am absolutely positive this is a deer mouse. However, given the variations within each species and the similarities between the two, it could very well be a white-footed mouse. I took several shots of this little guy and finally decided that its tail - when looked at in close-up mode - appeared to be multi-colored, a trait of deer mice. Also, again in close-up, I detected white tufts of hair on the ears, another trait.

    2. great, thanks! whenever I've handled them, we usually just call them Peromyscus because no one's been able to say with authority this or that.

    3. Smart. Being far from an authority on the subject, I may do that in any future mouse postings.