Thursday, October 18, 2012

CyberTracker quiz question #9

Still in the sand quarry, we were asked to identify the animal which
made the tracks. George pointed out how it was sort of an alternating
walking pattern, so in the 1st photo I added a red dot to each
front/hind pair, in case the alternating pattern doesn't jump out at
you. It didn't jump out at me. I included the same photo without the
red dots so you can see the tracks clearly. Well, as clearly as possible.

Looking at it now, I kind of think the animal traveled back and forth on
the trail, which is why it appears to be somewhat of a mess.

I don't think anyone in the group got this right, so if you know it,
you're a rock star tracker!


  1. Jung n zvfu-znfu! Qbrf gur oveq genpx pbzr vagb cynl? Gur orfg V pbhyq pbzr hc jvgu vf gbnq. Ohg fvapr jura qb gurl hfr na nygreangvat jnyxvat cnggrea? Jrer gurer zhgnag gbnqf ng guvf fnaq cvg? Fgbc gbeghevat hf, Wnarg.

  2. We have a rock star tracker! Yes, they are american toad tracks. Apparently they do walk in an alternating pattern. Here is a pretty clear picture of some tracks:
    The star like tracks are made by front feet, and the rows of dots are the claws of hind feet.

    And here's a really cool one where you can see sign of a southern toad hopping, stopping, walking, pooping, and peeing:

  3. If I hadn't misidentified the toad scat earlier on, I'd feel a lot prouder! Loved the photo from the Georgia Life Traces site.