Monday, October 15, 2012

CyberTracker quiz question #6

The 4 old tracks in this photo were the only ones we could see in this
animal's trail. We were asked what species made them, and whether the
track directly above the key was made by a front or hind foot.


  1. V'z guvaxvat n ynetr Zhfgryvq -- znlor Abegurea Evire Bggre? Uvaq?

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  2. No correct answers thus far. Hint: I am sure you would have guessed the species correctly in the field. Pay attention to scale. That rectangular remote control attached to the key ring is almost 2.5 inches long.

  3. Bbbu. Gura vg zhfg or gung ernyyl ovt fxhax... Orne. Uvaq sbbg.

  4. Vg'f uneq gb znxr bhg gur genpxf va gur cubgb. V'z tbvat gb fnl qbzrfgvp qbt whfg orpnhfr bs gur nccnerag fvmr bs gur cevagf.

  5. Correct answers from Donna and Susan. Black bear, and track above key made by hind foot.