Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Great Find & Possible Fashion Statement

As of yesterday, I can take finding a shed antler off my bucket list. Here it is, only two points and not much to brag about, but I was ecstatic. Then today, while visiting the Boston Flower & Garden Show, I realized that the antler might be put to excellent use in an Easter bonnet. Perhaps if paired with last season's bird nest and a few feathers ... Anyway, I hope to start a trend; check out the spring issue of Vogue to see if I succeed.


  1. Finding antlers is still on my bucket list! I'm glad you found them. Last year, someone offered to give me their antlers but it is not the same as finding them on your own. Thanks for sharing. Not sure about the fashion statement, but you never know. Coon skin hats were once fashionable a while ago.

  2. I was amazed to discover that I have a film clip of the very deer who grew my antler. The video was taken last fall by a motion-sensitive camera set in the same general vicinity where I happened upon the shed antler.

  3. It was just on the edge of a little used - by humans, that is - trail leading to a cornfield. I understand that's a common place to find shed antlers, as well as in areas where the deer bed down. I'm looking for more, but running out of time now that the ground cover is growing back.