Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tracking Report: Fox, Otter, and Moose at Delaney Project

Dan joined Lydia and a group of about 8 people on a tracking walk at
the Delaney Project, sponsored by OAR (Organization for the Assabet
River). We tracked at the far north entrance, the same site where a
bunch of us found a swan carcass being visited by a great horned owl
several years ago. It was a balmy 40+ degrees, and most tracks were
melted out or refrozen.

We found red fox, and then possible grey fox and red fox side-by-side
(not at the same time). We found very fresh otter tracks, with some
short slides, leading out to open water. Lydia also found a single
tree (red maple) that had been barked by an itinerant moose. The
tooth marks and stripped bark extended upward to eye level - nearly 6
feet off the ground.

Dan talked to several local dog walkers after the hike and learned
that there have been reports of moose (somebody saw tracks somewhere)
in the last month at Delaney.

OAR is hosting a Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival on March 4:

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