Monday, February 23, 2009

tracking quiz

Who made those cute little tracks? Which is hind and which is front
track? What is the gait?


  1. Dan tells me that the four of us who responded to Janet's tracking quiz question all did so incorrectly, so that our guesses when to him, as the blog admin. guy, rather than onto the blog. (Check out his 2/23/09 "reminder" e-mail for instruction.) In the meantime, let's continue to hone our tracking skills, since it's clear we have no real future as bloggers.

  2. The only response I saw was Donna's, and she was correct, it is an opossum, using an indirect registering alternating walk (or trot). As she says, the hind foot is beneath the front foot in the top photo, and the "thumb" of the hind foot has no nail. All other toes have nails, but they are very short and often don't register.