Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quabbin 2/7/09

Several of us spent the day in the Quabbin area, and what tremendous
findings! Fresh, crisp bobcat tracks and some scent posts. Two
same-age side by side trails of gray fox tracks probably indicative of a
mated pair. At one point, there were two sit-down prints of the two
foxes facing each other. Abundant moose sign, including tracks, scat,
beds, barking, walk-overs, and browsing. And of course abundant
porcupine sign, including trails/runs, scat, urine, nipped twigs, and
bark gnawing.

While near the cliffs, a few of us caught a quick glimpse of a bald
eagle. In the car on the way, a couple of us saw a fisher bounding at
the edge of woods.

On the down side, the lighting was terrible, so track photos are not
good. And, the motion sensitive camera placed a week and a half ago
didn't get any pix. So, we moved it to an area with a lot of moose sign
and nearby bobcat and gray fox sign. Hopefully this time we'll get

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