Monday, February 18, 2013

Remains of cottontail rabbit killed by bobcat

We followed the trail shown in my last post through a dense thicket, and  eventually arrived at the kill site shown here. The bobcat had traveled a long distance across the orchard to this very protected spot to enjoy the fine meal. The spot was a nice little opening next to a small log, totally surrounded by the brush that was very difficult for clumsy humans to penetrate. I fell only once, and ended up with some decent shots.

The first photo shows some cat pee and a lot of bunny fur. I believe one of the little clumps of fur was actually a foot.

The second photo was taken a few feet away from the first photo (still within same opening surrounded by brush), and shows cottontail intestinal tract (right), some hind end fur including the white tail (lower center), and I believe another bunny paw within the mess of fur at the upper left. And some cat trampling tracks, too, of course.


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