Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kill Site - A Downed Downy

Here is a kill site found by Lars on the frozen wetland of the northern section of Delaney Complex of Stow/Bolton/Harvard. Two sets of footprints came into the scene. On the above photo, one set of prints (2nd photo) comes in from 8 0'clock. The second set of prints (3rd photo) comes in from 4 o'clock. One of the feathers is 7 cm long. I was able to identify the bird feathers as from a downy woodpecker from this website (4th photo):

U.S. National Fish and Wildlife Forensics Laboratory's Feather Atlas Website


  1. Some of those tracks appear mighty minky to me, Lars. Any measurements?

  2. I was thinking fisher for the second photo, but so hard to tell from the picture.

    I'm not looking at a 'coon hand print in that 3rd photo?

    Something for scale would be helpful.

    And who knows the sequence of events with so little remaining of the bird.