Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tracking quiz

Flip through all of your tracking books and find the Latin name of the
animal which made these marks in the snow at Mohawk Trail State Forest,
at the edge of a meadow.


  1. It is so gratifying to see that you missed a truly magical experience yesterday, Dan, but I will suspend hyperbole for a moment to admit that it was not quite that magical.

    Gosh, did I go too far with the whispering trees? I hope I haven't encouraged your interest in that New Jersey tracking school.

  2. I meant to say that realized you missed...

  3. You're headed in the right direction, Dan. It is important for me to note, however, that during our examination of this site, we found no evidence of glitter. This, of course, rules out the family of starponia in the equus unicornis genera. Perhaps you should consider the princessponia or bigeyeponia families, whose tracks are somewhat similar.