Monday, February 28, 2011

Raccoon emerging from winter den hole

Dan writes:
Over in Carlisle a few years ago, we found a series of holes dug into a
hill at the edge of a wetland. Raccoons use these to hole up during
cold spells. After a warm winter day, we'll see muddy raccoon prints
leading from the holes down to any seeping water in the wetland.

We set up a camera again this year, and have captured a few pictures of
raccoons emerging to forage for food in the wetland.

On my last visit to the camera, there were fresh fisher tracks leading
right up to the den hole. Would a fisher be brave enough to enter an
underground den full of raccoons? I doubt it, and his tracks didn't
appear to do anything more than just investigate the surface.

1 comment:

  1. Nice sequence, Dan. I've been seeing lots of sign lately of raccoon activity. I guess the fisher are still managing to do alright at the squirrel buffet, and are thinking twice before going after snoozing raccoons. (Though my brother just the other day bestowed upon me a lovely set of raccoon teeth, upper & lower, from a recently discovered kill. Not enough evidence to solve that particular whodunit, unfortunately.)