Thursday, March 3, 2011

RIP Eastern Cougar

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has officially declared the eastern
cougar to be extinct in US and Canada. Strangely, the Canadians
recently came to the opposite conclusion!


  1. Perhaps not so strange. If the eastern subspecies is officially declared extinct, then any cougars that show up in the eastern US can be legally killed, under the assumption that it cannot be our extinct native cougar.

    If extant, on the other hand, then cougars showing up in the eastern US could not be killed, under the endangered species act, without knowing for sure that it is a dispersing western cougar, or a released pet. It would have to be protected -- imagine the social and political ramifications in the densely populated eastern seaboard!

  2. I just got this in an email regarding Florida panthers from Defenders of Wildlife. Perhaps some of you are interested in supporting it:

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