Monday, December 21, 2009

Raccoon Raiders

Every camera I've placed along the wetland edge gets visited by
raccoons. In last week's cold weather, they were the second most
frequent visitor. Can you guess what was the first?

The final two photos were taken a few feet from my backyard bird feeder.
One of the cameras was malfunctioning when I retrieved it, so I put
it out in the cold overnight to see if it was a temperature-related
problem. I expected I might get some early-morning bird or squirrel
shots, but instead I got a 2AM visit from a raccoon. No wonder the
birdseed isn't lasting...

I've been setting my cameras out close to the ground to capture photos
of mink, otter, and beaver. The motion detectors work by sensing
changes in heat, and so a warm animal sticks out like a sore thumb when
it's below freezing. The most frequent visitors to my cameras have been
white-tailed mice. Some nights I'll get dozens of shots with just a bit
of mouse tail showing, as the mouse scurries back and forth along the
water's edge.

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