Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fisher scent stations

The fisher never disappoints. I followed a trail yesterday, and in the
span of less than 15 minutes, found two interesting scent stations.
Sorry - photos not very good due to poor lighting.

The one with the tunnel is curious. The animal had been 2-2-ing through
the woods, then for no reason obvious to me, it appears that it dove
into the snow, and left a couple of urine stains near the entrance. One
stain is fairly easy to see, at about 8 o'clock. The other, at 5
o'clock, doesn't show very well. Looks like it might have rolled around
near the mouth, then made its exit, 2-2-ing away.

Although you cannot really tell from the photo, the other scent station
was on a mound, perhaps a tree stump under the snow. This time, the
animal left a tidbit of scat along with the urine stain.

These were in the same area where I found a nice fisher scent station
last winter.

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