Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What a drag!

Lars was XC skiing in Heath Hen Meadow, Boxboro Rd, Stow today. This track crossed the main path, came from a meadow and went off for a distance into the woods, dragging what? Hmmm. Any ideas?


  1. Were the photos you sent me yesterday from this same trail? If so, I would lean more towards bobcat after seeing these. The individual track you showed yesterday was definitely catty, and it would be very unusual for a house cat to catch and carry something big enough to make that drag mark. A rabbit or squirrel, perhaps? Were there rabbit tracks in the area?

  2. I know the mystery is solved now, but I must say that your first picture, Lars, would never have prompted me to guess fisher. It just goes to show you how circumstances can dictate unexpected trail patterns. It really is a nice shot of that determined critter's efforts to drag his prey to its preferred dining (or caching) venue.