Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photos from Delaney muddy crossing

Dan writes:

Janet and I went tracking at Delaney last week, and found some great
beaver scent mounds, as well as several huge white pines with copious
raccoon scat below. We left a camera for the raccoons. (I checked it
today - there's definitely a raccoon there and the camera survived the
rain, so I left it for another week.)

Afterwards, I dropped off a second camera in a different location - a
muddy crossing along the edge of the Delaney wetlands. Here are some of
the photos that second camera captured over the last week.

The last photo I took this morning while scouting out some new places
for camera traps. Something dug up this ground bee nest. Raccoon?
This was out on "raccoon peninsula", for any of you who remember a
tracking walk several years ago. Back then, we found raccoon scat at
every tree, several otter scats, and found beaver gnawage on hemlock and
pine. Not much fresh sign there today, though.

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  1. Re that last photo: Raccoons and skunks are the usual culprits when it comes to bees, from what I've read; so with all the raccoon evidence we've seen there, I wager it's the former. Unless, of course, you found evidence of bear in the vicinity. (You probably wouldn't have omitted that bit of information from your commentary though!)