Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bobcat and barred owl

These pics were taken by my wildlife camera in a rocky, cliffy area
central Mass., in early October. There was one other picture of the
bobcat on a different day, and no other pictures of the owl. Lots of
porcupine, gray squirrel, and a few raccoon photos.


  1. Simply Awesome shot of the bobcat!

  2. Was anything left for bait? What was the bobcat looking at? Beautiful pictures. Thanks for posting.
    Could you post the porcupine?

  3. Yes, there was a sort of bait, though not an edible one. It is a fur-finder, a little contraption that makes sounds of crying animals, such as rabbit or mouse. You can set it to repeat a particular animal sound periodically throughout the night. The cat in this photo was looking right up at the fur-finder. I think it was set on rabbit distress cry.

    I did not mention it, because I have mixed feelings about using it. In fact, I've used it only that one time, and am not sure I will ever use it again. I am concerned that it makes animals waste valuable time and energy exploring something that can yield no reward. And who knows what effect it could have on prey animals in the immediate area. Could it make them fear venturing out for food, imagining a predators attracted to the nearby suffering rabbit? I know that wild animals live on the edge, so I don't like interfering with their hunting in foraging in ways that could be harmful, when the only reason is a nice photo.

    Not that it's all bad, though. Nice photos posted on sites like this might well inspire others to appreciate wildlife, which is probably a good thing for wildlife in the long run.

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  5. P.S. I know the barred owl picture is not very interesting, but I posted because it's one of the surprises you get when you go back and scrutinize, before deleting all the photos that look like they have nothing. It was kind of funny to see that the little gray smudge in the bottom right corner of the photo was actually an owl!

    I'll see if I can dig up some of the porc. pics.