Thursday, May 19, 2011

Venison anyone?

I've had my cameras positioned over a deer carcass for several weeks. For the first half of that time, there was almost no action. Fox, fisher and a hawk came by to take a look, but didn't "dig in." Crows made an attempt, but apparently didn't have the ability to penetrate the hide. It was only after a neighborhood dog finally started working on the very-aged carcass that vultures and, ultimately, coyotes started coming by to snack.


  1. Very cool. Any guesses as to what killed the deer originally?

  2. Nice coyote shot! And that one looks kind of small. I guess not all the easterners are huge.

  3. The deer had been hit by a car, not far from the woods where the pictures were taken. I'm still mystified by the fact that nothing was interested in it while it was fresh.