Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mink, Raccoon, and Deer at Delaney

Dan writes:

I brought in one of my cameras after two weeks monitoring a narrow
channel in the Delaney wetlands. I had really hoped this channel was
being used by beaver and otter to take a shortcut between water bodies.
But so far all I've gotten are photos of raccoon, deer, and grey
squirrel. I did get one new visitor this time - looks like a mink to
me, but I suppose it could also be the tail end of a fisher. What do
you think?


  1. Using that downed branch for scale, I like the mink theory for that first picture. Here's a photo I found where the tail looks similar - http:\\ - though I'm guessing a female (i.e., smallish) fisher's tail would look the same.

  2. One way to find out would be to estimate tail length by measuring something, like a length of one of those fallen branches, next time you visit the site. My Peterson field guide says mink tails are shorter than 8 inches while fisher tails are longer than 12 inches. So no overlap.

  3. I vote for the front end of a mink. All the other photos in that group show the animal coming toward the camera, not leaving.

  4. Donna, did you click on the photo to get a closer look?